The Drift


December 17, 2013

Welcome to the all new website for The Drift. Unlike our social media bullshit, this is where we will be less candid and definitely a fuckton less polite… We may even feature some of our resident inhouse Gypsy’s brilliant paint skills! We all know that most websites are defunct these days, so consider this an honest open rant forum that may even constitute as our unprofessional business card – like a hooker’s sticky handshake. So there’re plenty of lekker things in the pipe line. Lamb of fucking God being one of them. Jaybus! That’s going to be epic, terrifying and above all a life changer. Keep an eye on us doing the opening duties at both shows with Mind Assault as we classily shit the bed for all of you! Otherwise, the video ‘Exile’ is live, one of the most fun things 19 dudes can do in a car with their pants on. Thanks to Facing the Gallows for not taking theirs off. Then after all the LOG and tour shit is done, then we’ll be smashing the Emalyth Arts Expo, which will be killer.

More to come. Thanks for caring! Without you we’ll be begging for validation from stage to the bar staff. Stay Classy.
– The Drift


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