Cracking start 2014!

February 13, 2014

Welcome to another redundant and mostly widely ignored news story on a website that isn’t social media. Where to start? Let’s start with Lamb of God.

The shows were amazing, and much has come from it. Playing with Mind Assault was also a proper treat. I think all of us has jammed with them in our respective former bands in the past, so it was excellent to re-unite on stage again. Randy graced the side of our stage during ‘An Ocean Prayer’ in CT and we had a fat chat about the music afterwards (being summoned to the private chambers by the crew was quite a thing). If I recall correctly he caught a little more of the JHB set with camera in hand. Some nice things were said, which we won’t repeat, unless they materialise. But, since Randy is taking time away from metal, we’ll take the pleasantries and focus on doing what we do, here… in our lovely brick tossing country. My personal highlight was talking about our mutual love for Crowbar and watching Hannes fall asleep mid conversation with Chris Adler. I’ve never eaten that much KFC and ice-cream after a show in my life. Also, never bowl first in a test match… Idiots.

A brief mention of the Emalyth Arts Expo Show is also in order. I got lost en route to Wolmer AGAIN, arrived two minutes before we’re set to start, downed a beer and kicked it. T’was a cool show – and again, Stef and Jason couldn’t drive past the KFC without drastically shortening their respective life spans. Also, penises were drawn on everything. Midlife crisis metal at it’s finest. Thanks SASH!

We have upcoming cracker of a gig with the pigs in Boargazm and SA’s most underrated band Hokum. Rumours Lounge,¬†28th Feb, 20¬†paltry SARS. PULL IN! Ask for guestlist action if you intend spending that R20 on merch.

And what else? New material, lots of it. We’re playing two new songs live, another one has been written and finished and there are some full songs ready to be jammed. So album two is coming along quickly… It has more of everything thus far. More metal, more serene moments… more everything.

Also, we have named our bar fridge, you’ll know soon!



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