The Drift

Album #2 Progress!

April 11, 2014

Long time no update friends, bullshit we say! We’ve been stupidly busy with album #2 for the last few months… too busy to even keep up on the studio diaries. Don’t worry, another video will be coming soon… But for the impatient lot – here is where we are at currently.

7 Tracks are written in completion for the new album, with 2 more almost done along with the album intro. As far as our planning goes, that leaves us with two more and then the writing is DONE! The material is stretching our sound reach even further. We have a few 8 minute + long songs, as you’d expect from us, there are some more melodic tracks on this one and we’ve really cracked up the intensity on the faster stuff. On Dreams of Deluge we never really ventured too far into Thrash territory, barring maybe ‘Exile’, but this time round we’re not too skint on the speed. It seems like we’ve left the Sludge for last.

In regards to album the concept, this one is a doozy… Hopefully we’ll have some new album artwork progress to share with you all soon. We’re still battling each other in regards to who will record and produce the next effort – hopefully we’ll have some news on that soon.

Right! Cheers!

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