A tale of two cities – A Driftshade tour report PART 2

June 11, 2014

Right… where were we?

Oh yes, we’ve dropped off Scraps, Tom, Marc Pal, James, and the tour van in Pretoria and then dropped off Stef at his hovel in Fourways. After 19 hours on the road, Jiggy and I got stuck in Fourways traffic on the way home… with just enough time to go have a shower and go straight to work.

That week got pretty tough, and highlighted one of the sad realities of being a local touring band – is that you have to divide yours up to fit in the day job.

So Friday came, no longer in our tourbus culture, but the usual fare of leaving from work to get your shit and drive to the venue, meet up there and do the best you can. Admittedly, the feeling of ‘All-in Camaraderie’ is missing when you play close to home after the out of town leg of the tour – but Arcade Empire, we’re going to give you the beans.

OneDaySky did their thing, and did it well. Some of the few more ‘metal looking’ folk didn’t quite get it, so they retreated to the bar for more Black Label pints. Speaking of which, there weren’t that many old school looking folk in the venue, and if you’re in a ballie band like us then you know you have some hard work ahead. Red Helen simply ruled. The last time I saw this band was maybe 6 years ago, with a very different line-up and a very different presence. This night they owned the whole damn place. Excellent stuff! We came up and worked our asses off to work the crowd into our vibe. Approaching the end of our 30 minutes we got the energy up, the movement going and felt like things were going pretty good. Then, in a freak moment of post tour sobriety, I asked the band to stop the last track of the show and attempt to splice in the arse-end of another track – Yahbulon, for all the moshing people. Sadly, only half the band had my voice in their monitors, so only half the band stopped… For the next 48 hours, pics of Axl Rose kept on popping up in my WhatsApp, and deservedly so. Lowlight of the tour. Dreamshade, as mentioned before, ruled again – so no need to harp on about that.

Now, last night of the tour… Rumours Lounge, a venue that has provided us with both our best and worst shows… but definitely a pivotal venue in the genesis of this band. Climate Control did their thing and continues to cement their status as a band to be noticed in the local scene. Legions Ablaze did a great show, and again is a band that I haven’t seen in a long ass time. A whole new energy on stage from these lads and they put on a cracker of a gig – they almost made the stage look too small. And now it’s come to the last show of the tour… And it was a really cool gig to end it all off. The lads threw their backs into it and so did the cool people who came out to Rumours Lounge that night – much love and metal all round. I’d say Dreamshade felt the same and felt the love as well. Rumours Lounge… Thank you! What a rad show.

Again, not to bore you all with the thank yous whatwhat, but again… thanks to every town that came out in droves, the bands who put on stellar shows and to Ashley from Favour the Brave for having us… It was a tour we will cherish as a band… forever!

Till next time! We’ll see you in the dust of Oppi next. Cheers!

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